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Procedures for Reactivation

  1. Identify a chapter in your local area if not affiliated with one.
  2. Contact a member in the local chapter. If you are unable to find anyone contact the Regional Director for further assistance in the local area. The Regional Directors contact information is located on the Regional Contact Link.
  3. Download current reinstatement form and fill it out and fill out a PBS-1 form from the local chapter. 
  4. OptionA:  Mail in the reinstatement form, Assessment form form and the associated fees to the Mu Beta Sigma. (OptionB:  Mail in the reinstatement form and Assessment Form and pay associated fees online.)
  5. If a brother is being reinstated he pays regular dues (no late fee) and a reinstatement fee.
  6. If the brother is outside of the 40-mile radius and wants to reactivate his membership, he can fill out such paperwork himself and mail it at the national headquarters with the associated fees.

Reinstatement Form

Assessment Form

I am ready to come back to SIGMA!  (Pay dues)

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